The Child Migrant Crisis

Immigrants on "La Bestia"

Immigrants on “La Bestia”

Hello my fellow readers,

     The migrant crisis, in my opinion, is getting way out of hand. There are so many people coming to the United States and there is little being done to help them. Yes, they aren’t from America, but they do have life’s and families to take care off. I know that if I was in their situation then I would try my best to come to the United States. This migrant situation, to me, is a crisis we need to solve by either letting them come in or putting more forces and not letting anyone come into the United States at all. All I hear about in the news as about how more migrants are coming to America and turning themselves in. In my opinion, they wouldn’t be doing that unless they truly were desperate to be in the United States.

     I personally am being affected by this, so affected that I am writing this blog. I personally haven’t really thought about the topic of migration, but even before I learned more about it, I have been in conversations involving the migration of people to America. I believe this is because many people have different feelings about the people coming to the United States.

     The articles I have seen and read have two sides to how migrants are treated in the RGV: the good and bad sides. In one article I see people helping out the migrant children and keeping families together, and then I see people keeping out anybody from coming in and treating them horribly. I honestly feel like they both are great representations on the RGV. Many people do help and many people do sit back and complain about the amount of migrants in Texas.

     One article that really stood out to me was a radio story that talked about children’s journeys to the United States via “La Bestia.” (Press here to go directly to the story). The story caused so many feelings of sorrow. I never realized how bad it was in Honduras to cause that many people to come to the United States. It shocked me to find out that “the only place that has a higher murder rate than Honduras is Syria.”

Sincerely, Angela

P.S.: If you would like to know more about how you can help out these migrants then press this link here to go to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church immigrant assistance information page.


2 thoughts on “The Child Migrant Crisis

  1. It was well thought out. I think you were being to subjective though work on your third person writing abilities. Mr Fuschetto would be disappointed. You made it sound waaaay too personal. God Bless you


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